Randall Noval

VP Business Development
London, UK
UK# 075 9893 1839
US# 646.714.2341

Over the past decade, I have designed, developed, implemented and supported information technology. Through incorporation of thorough process structures I have managed projects of various sizes and scopes, from idea formulation to revenue generation. I coordinate and motivate groups and individuals from various backgrounds to accomplish common corporate objectives. Your company will benefit from my experience as a Project Manager. My energy, experience and personality will be a welcome addition to your corporate environment.

My current employer, Advance Internet, has benefited from my ability to optimize processes at multiple points saving them both time and expense. My communication skills and technical expertise are valuable assets in interdepartmental relationships in the firm. In addition to spearheading management directed initiatives, I revitalized inactive projects and turned them into viable, working solutions. Their executive management team has expressed confidence in my ability to handle projects from the initial idea through establishing ongoing support duties.

At golfjones.com I guided the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce website which ensured continuous revenue generation for the participant golf courses. The firm took excess tee-time inventory from golf courses which it sold at discounted rates to end-users via an online bidding process. This enabled our clients to increase their customer base while allowing them to more accurately project future revenues. Combining my technical knowledge with an understanding of business concepts, I translated the President's goals for revenue generation into viable working solutions. I succeeded in developing the overall website strategy, redesigning specific technical back-end areas and creating customer-friendly communication channels. I also directed a third-party development team to re-implement a number of inefficient business decisions more efficiently.

Currently, I am in the Accelerated Part-Time MBA Program at Zicklin School of Business at Baruch focused in Computer Information Systems and geared for individuals who are highly-organized self-starters. I believe the additional business management skills I acquire there, combined with my technical expertise, will bring value to the management of any IT department. In particular, I have repeatedly proven that that I can guide a team to formulate, design, implement and maintain IT objectives established by management.

I look forward to learning more about your company and this project and to hearing from you soon.

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With best regards,
— Randy