the language of conversation
Here's a buncha fun stuff I'm kinda working on in the background:
my parents have a blog!

a family photo gallery

all the entertainment from my humor mailing list
(email me if you want on)

happy hour reviews in new york
Dubya or J.F.Kerry? sigh...

More virus badness. This time it's called Sasser. Get stuff

Virus badness. This time it's called MyDoom. Get stuff

All done moving to another new server. Should be better for me and others.

Check out new pix from Bekki's Birthday.
Check out pix from Jo & Lauren's Halloween bash.

Due to a recent server move, I am re-arranging things here. Have patience as things will be better in the near future. The blog has been moved, check out the navigation on the right for a clue as to where.
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